Our People

At Affinia, we boast some of the best hands that specialise in elderly care. We have done this so you can be at ease when you leave your loved ones with us.
We are qualified to take care of your loved ones.

Specialist Care

Our specialist care teams enable people, of any age, to remain in their own homes and follow their chosen lifestyle and activities.

Affinia healthcare teams provide full or part time care at home which allows you, or your family member, to live the life they wish to lead with our professional support. Request a call from us

It is vital that we ensure a safe home environment and importantly you have all the equipment needed to maintain independence in your home with trained staff to facilitate its use. We work closely with our clients, social services and occupational therapists to advise and gain access to equipment.

Our support and care is arranged on your terms and is designed to meet your existing preferences for hobbies, activities, meals, timescales, and established medication and care routines. Your personal assistant and carer will be flexible and their support will evolve as your care needs change.

Finding the right person to support you is the single most important factor in getting your care right and every care is taken to provide you with the most appropriate carer. It may be that you want:
a carer with a certain level of experience and/or specialist training
a female or male carer to support your personal care needs
a person who can drive
someone who can shares an activity, hobby or career interest
a carer who will love looking after your pet
Rapid response
Emergency care
PEG support
Gastrostomy care
Continence care
Ventilator care
Brain injury care
MS support
Cerebral palsy care
Dementia care
After stroke care