Our Care Packages

Personal Care

Being at home is one of the best feelings in the world. That's why we offer the daily care at their preferred and safest place, their home.

Live in Care

With Affinia, you or your elderly will experience care that will be meet and exceed your expectation. Our experienced hands will give you peace of mind.

Emergencies & Breaks

We also provide emergency services for our clients, either for holidays or hospital discharge. We are here to support you through out.

About Us

Our Mission

One of the most fulfilling experience in the world for anyone is caring for the elderly. That is what Affinia Healthcare cares so much about. Our services are designed to help you take care of your elderly so that they can get all of the care they need and would require. Let us help you.

Our People

At Affinia, we boast some of the best hands that specialise in elderly care. We have done this so you can be at ease when you leave your loved ones with us.
We are qualified to take care of your elderly.